Star Rail 2.2 Update Leak: New Multi-Layer Toughness Mechanic

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The upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail introduces a new toughness mechanic for certain enemies, featuring multiple layers that must be depleted to trigger a break effect. This will allow players to exploit the enemy's elemental weakness for significant damage once fully exhausted.

In the upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail, leaked information indicates a new toughness mechanic for certain enemies. This mechanic will feature multiple layers of toughness, requiring players to deplete each layer to trigger a break effect. Once fully exhausted, the enemy will enter a broken state, allowing players to exploit its elemental weakness for significant damage.

This addition to the game's combat mechanics is poised to benefit characters reliant on triggering weakness break effects, ensuring their relevance in the current meta. Depleting the toughness meter and pushing the enemy into a broken state will offer strategic advantages in prolonged combat scenarios. In the broken state, the enemy's action points are reduced, and they become more susceptible to elemental damage from characters.

The leaked version 2.2 information suggests that enemies will possess multiple layers of toughness, requiring players to fully deplete each layer to activate the weakness break effect. This presents the potential for dealing break damage multiple times in a single combat encounter, adding a new layer of depth and strategy to gameplay.

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